The Panda Hat

The Panda Hat of Doom is designed to simulate challenging presentation conditions to prepare students for professional presentations. Classroom presentations generally proceed as planned. If something goes wrong with the equipment, or the student has trouble presenting, they are often given the time they need to get it right. If they aren't prepared, they might receive a bad grade, or a lecture from the instructor, but otherwise there are very few consequences.

However, this is not at all representative of a professional presentation. Professionals are expected to be prepared, and often have to present in challenging situations. They might have to present over the phone, or they might not have as much time as they were initially promised. If a professional presentation goes badly, the consequences could mean the loss of a client, or even the loss of jobs.

Going into a presentation like this unprepared for the possibility of things going wrong can damage their confidence and make it more difficult to complete future presentations. Creating these experiences for students in the safe space of a classroom can build student's confidence and create better presentations.

The Panda Hat of Doom was created by Professor Marty Siegel at Indiana University. It is designed to produce challenges for interaction design Master's students during presentations.

This site can be used as a resource for educators and researchers to learn more about the Panda Hat, and how to use it themselves.