The Cards

This page contains the latest version of the Panda Hat of Doom Cards. These cards and graphics were designed by Adam Williams, and are used here with his permission.


Download the Panda Hat Cards file, and print. This file contains 3 sheets of cards with cut lines included, a sheet of blank cards so that instructors and researchers can create and develop their own cards, and an optional back page that can be added to the back of each card sheet. Instead of using this sheet, instructors and researchers can simply print the cards with a white or black background.

We recommend printing the cards on a glossy card stock. But they can be printed on any standard letter sized paper.

We have also included a foldable tuck box for the cards. This is not required, but can add a nice bit of production quality to the cards. Simply print the sheet (preferably on glossy card stock), separate the white and black halves of the box, and fold/glue them together separately.

The black box should fit over the white box as shown.


Panda Hat Cards - Panda_hat_cards.pdf

Panda Hat Tuck Box - Panda_Hat_tuckbox.pdf